EB5 Visa Requirements: A Clear and Strong Business Plan Is A Must

Immigrating to the great U.S.A isn’t as simple as it appears to be, even with an immigration business plan.  Millions of people think it’s really simple to get into the States but actually, that’s far from the truth.  Immigrating to the States, whether it’s for a short period of time or long-term can be very difficult.  Security is just one of the biggest reasons why it’s now a lot harder but if you plan to go for business, then you need a good plan behind you.  You need an EB5 visa.

You Need To Create a Strong Business Plan

An EB5 business plan is an important part of immigrating to America and it must be perfect in order to get a visa.  The business plan doesn’t just have to cover simple terms over what the business is the aim of the business and how it will help the American economy but these are just the basics.  Most business plans stretch vast and over a considerable amount of pages, more than twelve on occasion but it might be convincing.  You have to remember, the business plan must talk clearly and honestly about the plans of the business and how it will contribute to the American society.

You Must Be Able To Show Where Your Money Investment Will Come From

First and foremost, you must have the money to invest in a business that is based in the States.  There is a minimum requirement of one million dollars for investment but if you don’t have that amount, half can be invested for employment.  In most cases, those who invest half a million will invest in areas which have high unemployment rates which of course, will help to reduce that amount.  However, you must be able to show where the money has come from and that it is of course, legal.  This is one factor that is required in the business plan for EB5 visa applicants.

Investing In an Established Business

For an EB5 business plan, you need to go into detail what business you plan to set up or invest in.  Now, if you don’t have one million dollars to invest but only half, then you need to invest in a business that has already been established.  You can choose to invest in a business which is on the decline and that is targeting to employ more people reducing unemployment rates.

Creating an Immigration Business Plan

The aim of the business plan is to show how you will contribute to the American economy such as by creating more job opportunities for US citizens and how the business will have a positive impact also.  This isn’t just about ensuring you get a green card because if the authorities don’t believe you have the intention or money to back the business, they will not issue a green card.  You must be able to justify your business in your business plan for EB5 Visa.

Get the Relevant Information

Creating a clear and strong business plan is never easy because there are so many things that are required.  You need to include market research, analysis, strategies and financial reports as well, so there is so much to include.  However, when you take the time to gather up all relevant information, you can easily put together a strong but clear business plan.  Your EB5 business plan needs to be strong but very clear in its aim.

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