Is The EB-5 Visa Applicable To You?

eb-5-visa-620x294An EB5 business plan can be such an important tool to have for anyone looking to head to the United States of America. Investing can be such a fantastic option for anyone who has the money to do so and of course, a new business adventure is certainly very special. Though, for many people looking to invest in a business in the States, they don’t actually think about a business plan when creating their visa application. So, is the EB-5 visa applicable to you and if so, what does the business plan need to have?

Do You Plan To Invest A Million Dollars

It might seem a lot of money to invest in a new or existing business but hundreds of people every year actually invest big money in American businesses. However, if you plan to invest large sums of money, say between half a million to one million dollars, then the EB5 business plan and visa is something you may want to consider. There is technically a minimum amount required in order to qualify for the EB-5 Visa and that does mean investing at least half a million dollars so remember that when filing for an application for a visa.

You Must Prove the Investment Funds Are Legal

Anyone looking at an EB-5 visa has to be able to show or rather prove the money being used is legal. It doesn’t matter whether the funds were inherited, loaned or saved, but the money has to be one hundred percent legitimate and legal. If there is any indication the money was sourced via illegal means, then the applicant will be turned down. There is a strict reviewing policy when it comes to the funds so every applicant must be able to show it has came from a legal source and that can be indicated in the immigration business plan.

Financial Reports Are a Must

Every applicant must be able to provide a lot of documentation when submitting their visa application. The immigration business plan must tell the American government about the business they plan to invest in as well as the projections for the next five years. Applicants need to also provide documents showing the last five year tax reports on a previous business as well as personal bank accounts. However, there also needs to be proof of any profits or losses from the past five years and potential projections for the business.

What Do You Plan To Invest?

Recently, the EB-5 visa regulations have become a lot stricter. Remember, the government doesn’t want just anyone coming into the country without being able to bring something to the economy. The government want good investors and good ideas so that everyone becomes a winner. However, for those planning to submit an EB-5 visa to invest, they should have an immigration business plan in mind.see the site:

An EB5 Business Plan Is a Must

When submitting a visa application, a business and immigration plan is a must. These are important because without these plans, then the application may take longer to process and might even be rejected. The American government is very strict over who is coming into the country and investing also. That is why having an EB5 business plan set out could help make things go smoother.

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