Best Student Accommodation in Australia

If you are moving to Australia for the first time to get education, then you might be wondering about where to live in Australia? What is the best student accommodation in Australia? How you could find best suited accommodation for you? Before you arrived at Australia, you should collect answers of these questions to make your living in Australia is easy and stress free.

Accommodation Options

Australia offers a wide range of accommodation options to international students and other immigrants. Some of the best options for students are listed below:


Homestay is one of the best student accommodation options for students. This is because it is obviously difficult to adjust in new environment without the support of family. So when you decide to live in homestay, you can adjust yourself in new environment easier. You can get a fully furnished room with privacy and prepared meals on table during your homestay. You can also get help from the family about your job and other matters. You can improve your language with a full time interaction with a native Australian family and you can get useful tips about the city where you are living. The cost for homestay ranges from 150AUD to 300AUD per week.


Hostels are also a good option to live in Australia as well. However, living in hostels can be problematic. The reason behind this is that there will be no prepared food included in the cost of hostels. You will have to cook for yourself or eat out at any restaurant that will definitely be costlier for you. If you compare hostel accommodation with homestay in terms of food then hostels are approximately 20% more expensive than homestay. However, hostels are still offering various advantages over homestays as you don’t have to follow any particular home schedules. The cost of living in hostel ranges from 50AUD to 150 AUD per week.

Rent an Apartment

You can rent an apartment or share it. Living in an apartment could save you a remarkable amount of money, as you can share the pay for all utility bills and maintenance. You can find people to share you apartment by consulting local newspapers or by searching on universities’ notice boards. If you decide to live in an apartment, you have to bring your own furniture, other household objects and you have to prepare food by yourself. However, you can find here a furnished apartments by paying little more. The cost of renting an apartment in Australia ranges from 100AUD to 350 AUD per week.

University Housing

You can live in university housing, but for this accommodation you have to apply as early as you can. This is because university housing is the preferred choice of a large number of international students and there is a huge traffic of applications for this type of accommodation. The cost of this accommodation depends on the university where you are applying. This accommodation includes facilities like meals, laundry services, and support services etc. The cost of university housing in Australia ranges from 50AUD to 300AUD.

Australia student room housing

On the whole, choice is yours and what type of accommodation you select to live in Australia largely depends on your budget and preferences. If you are staying for a longer period of time, then you should consider renting and sharing an apartment. Homestay is an ideal accommodation to take a good start in Australia. Hostel is also good option if you can prepare food by yourself and don’t like following particular home schedules, see

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